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Our Story

While it’s true that fashion does, indeed, always look forward, what might surprise you is that fashion forward thinking exists not only in New York, Paris, and Milan but also in the great country of Qatar

Bella Materna Fashion was established in 2012 by One Team Clothing Company and partners. The aim was to specialise in a niche of the women’s outerwear market: maternity wear. The company started business with a retail outlet in Dar Al Salam Mall, Qatar and sold maternity wear through sourcing products from international suppliers. When this arrangement proved satisfactory, Bella Materna Fashion turned to manufacturing its own lines. By spring of 2014, the firm started to design its own label and manufacture Bella Materna private Label. To sell in retail outlet and wholesale to potential retailers.

Bella Materna proudly provides women with confident, feminine, and flirty fashions that celebrate life’s transitions. Our fashions honor a woman’s sense of style and the female form, not just during pregnancy, but beyond. A family business, we understand the pressures of having and raising a family and, as such, we have earned customer confidence by providing both quality products and service.

Mission Statement

As an upscale maternity boutique, Bella materna Fashion will provide fashion forward women great clothing that is perfect for them while they await their new addition. Bella materna Fashion values women’s beauty and wants all women to feel glamorous and beautiful during the most important months of their lives.

We Hope

  • That you feel great while you are pregnant
  • That you will let us know about your experience in our stores-good or bad, by contacting us.

Vision Statement

Bella materna Fashion will provide its customers with outstanding customer service; as well high end garments that will suit their every need. Bella materna Fashion will provide women with the very best in maternity clothing, while giving women the opportunity to feel beautiful during these special months.

We know

  • That being a mother may very well be the hardest job on earth.
  • That being a mother is definitely the best job on earth.
  • That we love what we do.
  • That we love fashion and that even if you don’t in the same way that we do, that you should feel good about yourself when you get dressed every morning, (yes, every morning-even during the first 3 months.

We are a group who believe in:

  • That you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. but people do it anyhow, and therefore when you look good you feel good and people react to you differently
  • That everyone has the potential to look fabulous
  • That every moment is precious and every child wonderful
  • That if there is anything in your closet that makes you feel fat you should throw it out – immediately!
  • That you should never throw out the things in your closet that you love, never, and some of them will come back. witness: leggings, platform shoes, what else?…anyhow, if you love it, hold onto it, wear it, and have fun! Fashion is personal!
  • That our children’s futures are important and we have the responsibility to provide them with the best outcome